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Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Karianna, your trusted stylist and the proud owner of Styleska Boutique, nestled in the heart of Granby, QC. Let's embark on an exciting journey together through the realms of style, self-expression, and unapologetic confidence!

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IF YOU'RE HERE, you're likely curious about how we can collaborate to fulfill all your styling and wardrobe needs – and you've come to the right place!

✨Perhaps you dread the traditional shopping experience, feeling overwhelmed amidst racks of clothing and bustling crowds, yet still crave a stylish look.

✨Maybe you find yourself at a loss when it comes to putting together outfits, resulting in a lackluster appearance that fails to reflect your vibrant personality.

✨You might be fashionista eager to curate a new capsule wardrobe for the season and inject some fresh style into your closet?

✨Or, are you in search of the perfect outfit to make a statement at an upcoming event?

✨Planning a vacation or business trip and in need of assistance with packing efficiently and coordinating your travel wardrobe?

No matter your style dilemmas – whether it's personal styling, shopping assistance, wardrobe organization, event outfit selection, or travel wardrobe planning – I've got you covered.

Explore the personalized services I offer below, and stay tuned for more exciting offerings on the horizon! For additional information, feel free to reach out to me via email at styleska@outlook.com or through our social media channels.

Let's elevate your style journey together!

Warm regards, Karianna Styleska Boutique



the vip experience


  • A private tailored shopping session for 4 or more with stylist services.
  • Includes a bottle of sparkling bubbly wine, bite-sized party apps, an exclusive discount.

*IN-STORE ONLY boutique located in Granby, QC. No booking fee.




A one-on-one personalized shop & style experience through the boutique inventory.

*IN-STORE located in Granby,QC

**OR ONLINE: For ladies not from the area, enjoy a personalized styling session from the comfort of your own home – with our live video shop & style consultation, i'll handpick the perfect pieces just for you from the boutique inventory.

***No booking fee.


at home


Closet Clean Out is the base, allowing you to pinpoint your needs, let go of old, distressed, unworn clothes, in order to have a clean, simplified & effective closet.

450$+tx for 3h

*125$ fee per additional hour.